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Mesa Byte-Code-Interpreter

In the 1970's Xerox corporation developed a programming system called MESA. A strongly typed systems programming language, MESA - like java, compiles to byte-codes and runs on a virtual machine. Xerox embedded hardware mesa virtual machine technology in everything from publishing workstations to high-volume printers. I have written a Mesa Virtual Machine in ANSI C, and you can find it here.

Stamp control of Panasonic Plasma with Sony IR decode

A while back I bought a Panasonic Plasma TV and decided to build an IR->RS232 device so that I could drive the tv's serial control protocol from an IR universal remote. With the device, I have mapped individual IR-keys to sequences of serial commands (e.g. ON-COMPONENT-FULL), and this makes operation of my system much easier and more reliable. I used a Motorola HC11 based MicroStamp 11 from www.technologicalarts.com and programmed it with gnu-c to decode Sony IR keys and dispatch serial macros to the tv. You can get the code here.

Don's First Program

See the program that started it all, recently released under the terms of the GNU public license!